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 !!! Completed Maps

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PostSubject: !!! Completed Maps   Sat Mar 07, 2009 4:47 am

Well first of all thanks for the section guys.
Here I will post all my done maps.

Currently Completed Maps:

--> zh_gladiator

- Overview: 30v30, zombie horde.
- Spec: Small arena with a few teleports. Ct's start in the center and zombies start in their cages. You are being watched by invisible people on the seats I'v made through the whole are so watch your actions =). This was actualy my first posted map as a mapper so it is kind of ugly =P.
- Download: Click Here

--> zh_funyard_v1

- Overview: 32v32, zombie horde.
- Spec: Seek an alternative for the good old boring courtyard_v1? You have found the perfect remake for you! This is a fun remake of courtyard with more ramps for Cts. If you consider getting off the ramps.. it will be the last thing you do =P. This is my second map, way better than my first one.
- Download: Click Here

--> zh_web_v1

- Overview: 32v32, zombie horde.
- Spec: If you seek an answer to this question: Why did he do that map?.. well you won't find any answer because there really inst any =P. This a random map I decided to make based on slant and hangem. It still needs a remake, but I'm not in the will of doing it. Cts and Ts start in a corridor and then they are teleported to a huge complex of ramps. Enjoy.
- Download: Click Here

--> zh_church_v3

- Overview: 32v32, zombie horde.
- Spec: Seek a good remake of the boring zh_church? You found your match. This is a remake I did for EB. It has a large graveyard for Ts to spawn and Cts start inside the church itself. It has a few secrets I think everyone has already discovered because they're pretty easy to find through noclip.
- Download: Click Here

--> surf_freedom_v8

- Overview: 32v32, surf mod.
- Spec: This is a fun map I created for a Counter-Strike Source multigaming community (#Lg Luso Gaming). This community closed down a about a month ago. The map is pretty simple but it's fun to play on. There is no team barriers so everyone can invade eachother's space. Have fun. Map made with the help of a friend (Volk.pt).
- Download: Click Here

--> zh_ancient_fod_remake_beta

- Overview: 32v32, zh mod.
- Spec: Hey guys. Im back to mapping! Yes you heard me right. Here is my new map. Its a remake from a map a guy named Faithful made for his clan Zombie Explorers. A fight or die style map; Breakable ramps; Secrets; Scout, m4, ak, m3, deagle,.. with 999 ammo!; Camping edges and boxes; Easy running; Balanced.
- Download: Click Here
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!!! Completed Maps
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