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 !!! Current Work

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PostSubject: !!! Current Work   Sat Mar 07, 2009 4:43 am

I will post every map I'm working on.

Currently Working on:

--> zh_biohazard

- Overview: 32v32, zombie horde.
- Spec: Both teams start in an underground base and must get to the surface. There they will struggle to stay alive before the gate opens for the cts to run to a bunker. If they do not make it to the bunker they will get affected by the bomb that will be sent after the closing of the bunker. Basicly a you stay out of the bunker you die.

--> fy_southpark_real

- Overview: ??v??, normal css/fy/gg/zm/zh.
- Spec: This map is still under development and so I can't quite decide what it will be for. I am making it for a friend who asked me to make a map for him to use as the scenario for his Counter-Strike Source reality show/sitcom. I still can't quite decide if I am going to publicise this map so it is only a speculation.
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!!! Current Work
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